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Reddit kpop discussion

They are unique within their often-soundalike K-pop era, bolstered by an incredibly consistent singles run. As always with these particular countdowns, a song needs to be paired with a full, official music video to be eligible. That leaves fan favorites like Full Moon and Over The Sky out, though the latter would certainly find its way near the top of my list if given the chance!

A perfectly fine — if somewhat forgettable — Japanese offering, highlighted by surging electric guitar and some well-placed power notes during the chorus. With a screamo post-chorus that goes heavier than any other Dreamcatcher single, What offers evolution with mixed results.

However, the groovy tropical elements are a nice touch. Bringing a greater sense of dynamics to a proven formula, Deja Vu pulls back for ballad-like verses before letting loose with an urgent, bruising chorus. The song feels tailor made for the opening of an anime, leveraging symphonic emphasis to great effect.

Fueled by a taut, punchy chorus, You And I strikes a perfect balance between straightforward rock and a more dancefloor-friendly tempo. Its over-the-top chorus pulls no punches, punctuating its guitar-and-orchestra brew with theatrical backing vocals and otherworldly demonic? Back in my childhood days, i was never the one to seek out music.

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Except, for battle theme. Anyway, my point is, dreamcatcher music appeals directly to that young boy hearts. Every single one of their singles are at least 9 in my books. Like Like.

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Everyone should be following their example. Like Liked by 1 person. Dreamcatcher is just one of the most if not THE most consistent k-pop groups right now. My top 5 is something like:.

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Like Liked by 2 people. The scary part is this is a list of their 10 best title tracks or songs with a mv. Most of their best songs are b sides…their catalog of great music runs so deep!Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales?

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The longest-running K-Pop site, sincecovering K-Pop news, music, fashion, videos, photos and Kdramas. Anything and everything K-Pop.

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Korea About Blog Find breaking k-pop news, korean viral videos and exclusive content from the biggest k-pop idols. Creators of KCON and biggest k-pop site in the world.

Sharing the K-Pop love all around the globe right from its hometown, Seoul! About Blog Officially Kmusic provides the latest Kpop news on celebrities, fashion, music, dramas, movies, competitions, concerts and much more!

We have everything under the one roof. About Blog We are K-Pop lovers who want to share with you all we have. Korea About Blog Netizen Buzz was started out of a desire to bridge the gap between what happens in K-Entertainment and why it had to happen. Unlike any other entertainment industry in the world, netizens internet citizens play a pivotal role in the decision making process of Korean entertainment companies, and their power and influence simply just cannot be ignored.

Wanna Know more about them check out this blog! About Blog Download Favourite K-pop Music Video, kpop official music videos, dance version, japanese version PV ,music show live performance video, concert video, torrent to download. Korea About Blog hellokpop. About Blog Asian Junkie serves as a place for a collection of individuals to mock, analyze, and satirize the comings and goings of the Asian entertainment world.

Needless to say, there's a lot of content worthy of it. Remember to have fun while you're here, because entertainment is meant to be. Twitter followers As well as you can downlaod!

Some content is related to the k-pop radio show that I host, some of it is draft content for the blogsite Asian Junkie, but most of it is just random shit that I felt like writing.

The author post about all the Kpop related things. Each week, Nick will be taking a listen to the newest kpop releases and giving his thoughts. It is also a collection of many authors with many different opinions, united by a love of writing and taking apart and facilitating discussion on a deeper level of everything associated with K-pop. Whether you're interested in K-Pop, Asian cuisine, or wondering about life in Asia, we got you covered!

Blog dkpopnews. I'll mostly translate articles posted on Naver because they're known for being the most trafficked and more civil. I'll also occasionally translate posts from community sites like Nate because they're the next most trafficked news portal in Korea after Naver. Only in Kpop Replay. Malaysia About Blog Malaysia's number one k-pop website. We blog about all things Korean.I opened this thread hoping to see this. Every song either gives me chills or is one hell of a bop.

I feel as if it's so underrated?? MADE, although I guess that's kinda a weird case since only three of the songs were actually from Although after Taehyun left I can't bring myself to listen to it again. Kanto's album although the name escapes me for a second. Park Hyoshin's I Am a Dreamer.

Jay Park's Everything You Wanted. Tiffany's, Luna's, Taemin's and Jonghyun's solos. SM made me a happy fan last year. Really liked Ailee's album too. Standing Egg's Voice is really, really good too. And on the note of kinda indie artists, Bolbbalgan 4! Their whole album is gold. And speaking about gold Hyomin's Sketch has my favorite song on it, Gold, and I like the other tracks a lot too. BTS is another obvious answer. They had an amazing year. Suga's mixtape, if it counts, has some really strong tracks as well.

Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason s :. Thank you. Share the link. Add a Comment. P - Noir The entire album is an absolute masterpiece. The fake Baby were also the loud baby, I think we all appreciate the album very much. P - Noir. I'm having some problems distinguishing andso I'll leave my list at that. Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason s : Therected have been numerous discussions about or relating to this topic over the last month, and thus it and similar topics are considered reports at this point.

Sucks that YG has decided to end it. View 10 More Comments. Visit Community. See Reddit inBased on agency clout alone, the guys were destined for massive out-of-the-gate success — the kind of success that could potentially steer an entire industry. In contrast, the song itself is relatively simple.

Instead, Crown is a shot of cheerful pop, well-performed and disarmingly catchy.

These certain K-pop fans in the forums... (Discussion Time)

Its instrumental largely sidesteps the trendy synth blips of the day, preferring a more classic electro bounce that hinges on one particularly sticky riff. The verses are a little more forgettable, but hit a few nice melodic moments while building to a harmony-rich pre-chorus. Any thoughts? Like Liked by 2 people.

I was a bit underwhelmed. But subsequent listens have really improved its standing. I think this is going to be one of those songs that is appealing for a long time, rather than a quick burst of excitement followed by exhaustion. Time will tell! Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Ooo same about the skkkrrt.

I heard it and winced a little because I think it really dates the track. I wonder when skkkrrt and other trap motifs will fade out of Kpop… maybe when trap falls out of popularity in the American industry.

reddit kpop discussion

Funny how that works out, huh? I was never disappointed. Then came the second listen and everything clicked. Such is the way of K-pop…. I tend to prefer more real? As for the album, I was slightly disappointed.

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Pingback: Song Review: Pentagon — Dr. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.Tags: army bts reddit. My IQ went down 5 points after reading this. Some people have way too much time on their hands. In before more garbage people here drag Jonghyun like before People really need to stop using him to make their points from both side and stop just being u know literally garbage.

Chaittra Worldwide Star. ARMY is that powerful. We can brainwash people, delete YouTube views, delete YouTube videos. All fandoms have done shit like this not just armys. Parthjae Rookie. Seriously people need to stop typing like 7 year olds. It's a big effort to read walls of texts you can at least make it easy to read.

Lustji Public Figure. My ass is not reading.

reddit kpop discussion

I'm not reading any of that because the idea that kpop fans can fucking brainwash someone is to hilarious lol. Hell anyone who is supposedly brainwashed for idols is a mug. Solarsido and girlgroupstan21 like this. MassiveKpopFan Married to njsjyghsjmthjk.

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Ain't nobody reading all of that. Rule of thumb is when people start writing whole essays on platforms like that it's pretty much a bunch of useless ying yang.

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Can anyone tldr lol. So is this type of threads still allow? Flowercrew Celebrity. Heaps of people are being brainwashed because BTS is just that good.Hey guys, I hope your having a wonderful time. Especially here on Duolingo. So there is something I want to discuss and I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. I feel like what I'm about to say could annoy some people. But I felt like it really needs to be said. So for like the past couple of months, the forums are clogged up with K-pop fans.

I'm a K-pop fan and I'm not going to talk badly on K-pop. I like how some people express their love for K-pop and such. I'm glad its one of the many reasons for creating a passion for wanting to learn Korean and the culture. However, it's becoming too much.

You need to understand that this site is not a fan club site. It's not a K-pop site. Nor is it a mainly talking about K-pop. It's a language learning site. People use the forums if they are interest about a certain topics on the language or if they want to know something. You can talk about K-pop if it got something to do with language. So when I see people ask things like: "Why did you want to learn Korean? That's one of the many reasons. But what if your favorite idols does something bad, will that make you not want to learn Korean anymore?

When I see these fans saying that they are doing it for K-pop, I'm like ok, anything else? Why else you want to learn Korean? You can only do it for the love of K-pop. Your allowed to. It's fine. People do stick with learning it for that sole reason.

But don't be disappointed if your favorite idol turns out to be a terrible person or if you get bored of it. Believe me when I say there are crazy K-pop fans that will do anything. The craziest things that are really unnecessary.

reddit kpop discussion

If you say something like, you don't like Suga's hair being blue. You gonna have a lot of crazy fans attacking you saying that his hair is fine. One of the most annoying things is when they go on forums spamming ARMY comments and such. If's fine to say your an ARMY.Community News Discussions: 54 Messages: 3, Tech Discussions: 44 Messages: 11, Guilds Discussions: 62 Messages:User Shops Discussions: 24 Messages: 2, The Lounge A place for general discussions Discussions: 75, Messages: 1, School Life.

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