Muffled voice causes

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Muffled voice causes

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Call Mon - Fri 9am - 10pm. Learn More. This entry was posted on 5th August by Joan McKechnie. Depending on the reason for muffled hearing, the effect can happen over time or instantly. It can also occur in one ear or both ears. The most common reason for muffled hearing is conductive hearing loss. A variety of factors or medical conditions can cause this, including a build-up of earwax and ear infections.

You may also be suffering from clogged ear. In most cases, it is very treatable and doesn't lead to permanent hearing damage. An expert can determine the exact reason for the hearing loss and take sufficient measures to avoid further or permanent hearing damage. In the case of sensorineural hearing losswe advise that you consult an audiologist. There are several widespread reasons for the occurrence of diminished hearing ability that is often perceived as muffled or unclear.

In some cases, the sound may appear too quiet or the affected person may not hear certain frequencies at all. Usually, the cause lies in an obstruction in the ear passage, such as an abnormal growth or a collection of fluid or earwax.

The secretion of earwax is a natural process. It helps protect the sensitive internal parts of the ear from damage caused by dust and small particles. Accumulation of earwax may cause it to harden and block the passageway of the sound waves. This will prevent them from being properly processed, even causing a blocked ear. It is advisable to clean the ear regularly with a special earwax removal kit.

These kits contain a solution for softening the wax and letting it flow out or consult with a specialist. It is not recommended to use cotton buds or insert any objects in the ear. They may push the earwax deeper and worsen the condition or even perforate the eardrum.

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We have a number of cleaning products to help with earwax removal including:. For more information our blog post on How to Clean your Ears may help.

Infection of the middle ear or Otitis Media can also cause muffled hearing and damage the ear further. Also known as glue ear, this condition presents a collection of fluid in the middle ear that blocks the transmission of sound to the inner ear. Depending on the consistency and density of the fluid, diminished hearing may vary in severity. In some cases, treatment is not necessary as the ear clears up on its own.Muffled hearing can come about gradually or suddenly, depending on the underlying problem.

It may also occur in one ear or both ears. Before you continue, if you think that you are experiencing hearing loss you should always get a free consultation from a trusted hearing center in your area.

They will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

muffled voice causes

Most likely you will start to notice your hearing becoming more and more muffled over time as the wax begins to build. This may occur in one ear or both. If you see an Audiologist or Ear, Nose, and Throat physician they will be able to look in your ears to determine if you need them cleaned. Once the wax is gone, your muffled hearing should improve. Sometimes people who have a difference in hearing between the ears, describe a muffled sound quality in the poorer ear.

This is especially true if there is a sudden change in hearing in one ear. You may notice an asymmetric hearing loss if you hold the phone up to each ear. The phone will sound louder or clearer in the better ear and you will notice a significant difference in the way each ear is hearing.

If you experience muffled hearing or a sudden change in hearing in one ear, see an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician immediately. The sooner the sudden hearing loss is treated, the greater likelihood the hearing will return. If you have an outer ear infection or a middle ear infection, your ears may be filled with a fungal or bacterial infection.

This will likely temporarily affect your hearing and may make your hearing sound muffled in the affected ear. There is a small tube that connects the middle ear space with the back of the nose and throat.

muffled voice causes

This tube opens and closes to equalize the pressure between these two air-filled spaces. Sometimes people may have difficulty with the functioning of this tube, especially if they are experiencing sinus issues.

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When the Eustachian tube is not opening and closing properly, it may feel like your ears are clogged and your hearing may sound muffled. This is usually temporary and your muffled hearing will improve once the Eustachian tube clears. When you have a high-frequency hearing loss you have difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds.

This includes the consonant sounds of speech more than the vowel sounds. That is because when you are not able to hear the consonants of speech, the speaker sounds like they are mumbling or not speaking clearly. In order to determine whether you have a high-frequency hearing loss, a thorough evaluation by an Audiologist is recommended.

Hearing aid technology can help to overcome a high-frequency hearing loss and make speech sound clearer. Speak to a qualified hearing specialist and discuss hearing aid options tailored specifically for you. We recommend that you get professional advice to better understand your hearing loss needs. If you experience muffled hearing in one ear or both ears it is recommended that you see a hearing healthcare professional. They will be able to tell you which of the above conditions you are experiencing.

Muffled hearing does not discriminate. It can be sudden or gradual, in one or both ears, and can affect anyone at any age. This is because it can come from anywhere — a clogging in the ear, an infection, or hearing loss itself. If you're feeling like your hearing is muffled, you might want to see an audiologist!

Fill out this form to book a free consultation, so your hearing professional can figure out the problem.The document defines a vocabulary that can be used to discuss symptoms of voice quality problems. Sound files are included to aid in the process of identification of the symptom.

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Also included where possible are one or more common causes not necessarily the only ones for the symptom that is defined. The sound files and names of symptoms used in this document are based on common language used in Cisco Technical Support service requests, on the Technical Support website, and other sources. This document is intended to be a living resource in that the symptoms listed are expected to be revised as new problems arise and additional recordings become available.

This is the suggested high level procedure to troubleshoot voice quality problems, in conjunction with this document:. Check the sound files in this document for a symptom that matches or resembles the one that is experienced. You might wish to provide your users with a link to this document if you have not personally heard the symptom.

Access the Cisco Support Community in order to research the problem or ask questions.

muffled voice causes

If no resolution is gained by use of the Cisco Support Community, make use of the symptoms vocabulary defined in this document in order to raise a Technical Support service request. The Technical Support engineer might ask you to make use of a Cisco utility that allows you to capture the Real Time Protocol RTP stream of the problem and convert it to a.

If you agree, an appropriate portion of the wav file can be used in this document and referenced from the TAC CC so that others can share the benefit of your experiences.

These definitions were developed and applied in order to categorize the voice quality problem symptoms:. This is typically any noise on the line or in a voicemail message in addition to the voice signal. Noise typically leaves the conversation intelligible but still far from excellent. Static, hum, crosstalk, and intermittent popping tones are examples where the calling and called parties can understand each other, but with some effort.

Some noises are so severe that the voice becomes unintelligible. One such example, among the samples provided in this document, is a motor sound. It can be heard at either end of the call, in varying degrees and with many combinations of delay and loss within the echoed signal.

On some occasions, the voice becomes unintelligible.

muffled voice causes

Note : The categorization of the symptoms is to a large degree dependent on the severity of the symptom, perceptual factors, and cultural factors. Therefore, the placement and grouping of symptoms within categories is in many cases arguable.

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In addition, there can be situations where the categories overlap. For example, static on the line can cause some form of voice distortion. This is a best attempt to give some structure to these terms and define the vocabulary. In this section, you can listen to sound recordings of the symptoms defined, along with control samples that allow you to hear the same recording without the accompanying symptom. A snippet sample of the symptom is included in order to allow for quicker download times and easier browsing.

The full recording provides a longer sample so that the symptom can be properly heard. The symptom recordings are kept as MP3 files and can be played by any sound player that supports the MP3 file format.It often feels like something is in your ear, blocking the sound from coming through. Muffled hearing can occur in either one ear or both, and can also develop over time or instantly.

It can affect anyone, at any age. The treatment of muffled hearing very much depends on what is causing it. Muffled hearing can be the result of a variety of factors, all of which will require a different approach for treating it. The best course of action is to visit a hearing specialist and sign up for a hearing assessment. This will highlight what is the root cause of any hearing impairment and ensure you can get treatment that will solve your particular hearing problems.

The compaction of earwax in the ear canal is a common cause for what feels like muffled hearing. The earwax creates a barrier that makes it much harder for sound waves to pass from the outer ear, to the inner ear. This results in a slight impairment of hearing. The more wax that is present, the more likely it could create hearing impairment.

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Everyone needs earwax, however, excessive levels which harden are likely to lead to a feeling of blocked ears and muffled hearing. If earwax or other debris is the underlying cause for your muffled hearing, then it is likely to be temporary and something that can be rectified with a variety of earwax removal solutions.

Depending of the level of the blockage, a hearing specialist can recommend the best course of action. Otitis Externa is the inflammation of the ear. This is a result of bacterial growth and leads to muffled hearing, ear pain and sometimes a discharge of liquid from the ear. This is because water remains in the ear, creating a moist environment, that aids bacterial growth. This leads to infections in the ear that is likely to impair hearing.

A perforated eardrum or damage to any part of the inner ear, is also likely to impact hearing. Depending on the severity, this may require surgery. The common cold, flu, viruses, and other illnesses can often result is muffled hearing. This is due to inflammation in the ear canal that swells and makes the ear feel blocked and muffled. The hearing system is sensitive and as the body fights bacteria and illnesses, hearing can be temporarily impaired.

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Hearing impairment due to pressure, often referred to as airplane ear, is a common cause for temporary hearing discomfort. Ear pressure balance can be affected by flights, diving as well as infections and colds. Deep sea diving without equalising properly can be a common cause for damaged hearing. If any of these symptoms are present, it is best to consult a doctor right away. Asymmetric hearing loss is where your hearing is worse in one ear than the other.

This often results in people noticing the difference in hearing between their ears and describe the worse ear as feeling blocked or muffled. Sensorineural hearing loss can also make hearing feel blocked, full or muffled.Muffled hearing can be very inconvenient, as our ability to hear is something we all take for granted. Not being able to understand what is spoken to you or losing the ability to make out distinct sounds or frequencies can be disheartening and even dangerous in the right circumstances.

The severity of muffled hearing and its accompanying symptoms often vary according to what the underlying cause is. Muffled hearing can be the result of various underlying causes, some complicated and some not. The following are some of the most common reasons people experience muffled hearing. Earwax build-up : This is by far the most common cause of muffled hearing and is due to excess wax that has accumulated in the ear canal over time.

This often affects only one ear and is generally considered harmless. Earwax can be removed with relative ease with the use of an earwax removal kit or with the aid of a trained medical professional. It is advised not to remove earwax with a cotton swab, as they tend to push wax further inside the ear, which could potentially damage the eardrum. Middle ear infections result in the trapping of fluid in the region responsible for the transmission of sounds from the outer ear to the middle ear.

The perception of muffled sounds is largely dependent on the thickness of the fluid blocking the ear.

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Usually, this type of infection will clear up on its own with no treatment needed, but it is still advised to seek the aid of a doctor when facing a case of otitis media. Swimmers ear : Due to a bacterial infection that can lead to temporary hearing loss in one ear due to ear canal inflammation. In this condition, the ear canal can swell up in size, decreasing the size of the canal lumen. Because of this, sound has a difficult time passing through and is muffled. Eardrum rupture : This is part of the ear that consists of a thin membrane separating the external ear from the middle ear.

It transmits sound from the air to the auditory structures for hearing. If the eardrum were to become perforated, it could lead to a sudden case of muffled hearing.

Minor cases of eardrum damage tend to heal on their own, but more severe cases may have to rely on surgery for treatment. A perforated eardrum can be an entry point for bacterial infection, in which case antibiotics should be utilized. Tumor : A tumor is an abnormal growth of cells that serves no purpose for the body. When this occurs in the ear, albeit rare, it can narrow the ear canal passage and lead to a partial loss of hearing.

One example is an acoustic neuroma, which grows on the auditory nerve. This type of tumor can be treated with surgery or radiation therapy. Experiencing muffled sounds can be quite bothersome. There are some things you can try on your own to help relieve the condition, but it is advised to seek the counsel of a trained medical professional before you attempt most of the following remedies. Valsalva maneuver : Keep your mouth closed while you pinch your nostrils, then take a deep breath through your mouth and try to blow the air through your nose again.

You may hear a slight popping sound, which indicates the Eustachian tubes — the auditory tubes that links the nasopharynx to the middle ear — are open again. Please be advised not to blow through your nose with excessive force, as this may cause irreversible damage to the eardrum.

Olive oil : A remedy to help soften excess earwax buildup. Start by warming up some pure olive oil.Dealing with muffled audio remains a common problem for sound engineers and home users alike.

Muffling results from the lack of high frequencies in a sound wave. The same phenomena occurs when you hear someone talking through a wall or door. Equalization is the solution. This process allows you to boost certain frequencies while decreasing overbearing frequencies. Audio recording programs come equipped with equalizers.

Open the muffled audio in your recording program. Select an open effects insert. A drop-down menu will appear on the track. Select "Equalizer" from the list. This increases the high frequencies by three decibels. This amount can be adjusted as needed. High frequency controls are located on the right side of the equalizer and descend to the lower frequencies on the left.

Listen through your audio track. If muffling persists, turn down the equalizer knobs on the left side of the equalizer to "-3db". This reduces the bass frequencies of the audio. Restoring audio is a refined skill and takes great care and experience to achieve professional results. Each piece of audio is unique and requires adjustments specific to the amount of muffling in the audio itself. Sam Owens is a writer living in both New York and Washington state. He has written a number of articles in the past three years spanning a wide range of topics from music and art to travel and food.

By: Sam Owens Updated September 15, Share It. Things You'll Need. About the Author. Photo Credits.Muffled hearing is characterized by reduced ability to appropriately discern sounds. In some instances, people who have this would have difficulty to hear certain sound frequencies. However, this does not necessarily mean that hearing loss or deafening has occurred. More often than not, this is due to some plugs in the ear canal.

Recognizing and Categorizing Symptoms of Voice Quality Problems

Depending on the underlying cause, symptoms of muffled hearing can be minor or serious. Although common causes of muffled hearing are minor conditions, some can be severe.

The following includes the usual culprit to this condition:. Earwax — It is the most frequent cause of muffled hearing due to too much build up of earwax. This earwax buildup clogs the entry of sound into the ear. Those who do not clean their ears for a very long time would experience this and removal of the earwax plug can be carried out by an ear doctor or through a removal kit.

Breaking of the eardrum — When the eardrum breaks or becomes torn down, it results to muffled hearing.

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Those who suffered from head injury usually experience this. Ear infection — The muffled hearing occurring from ear infection usually happens following a common cold. The infection spreads from the nose, mouth and eventually spreads through the ear.

Otitis media — This is also known as glue ear which infects the middle ear and causes muffled hearing. When fluids are caught due to this infection, the ear passageway can be blocked and hearing difficulty occurs depending on the fluid thickness. Tumor growth — Once there is an abnormal growth in the ear canal, passage way for sound becomes restricted. This results to hearing problems. When muffled hearing transpires after taking a shower or swimming, immediately let the affected ear checked.

This is to see if fluid has entered. Simply leaning towards the shoulder of the affected side can drain the water out. Using a clean cotton buds, gently clean off the ear wax.

This will reduce wax buildup; just make sure to use sterile buds. Ear wax softening solution can help irrigate wax when dropped into the ear. This can be bought in the nearest drugstores and comes in kit which contains a rubber bulb that is used when irrigating, along with an instruction material.

Stress and tension of muscles surrounding the ear can affect the sense of hearing. So, it helps to relax these parts through rest, gentle massage and warm bath.

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