Ferris wheel diver problem

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Ferris wheel diver problem

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Ferris Wheel Problem. Our goal is to try to figure out when would be the perfect timing to get the diver to land in the tub of water at the right time. We have identified that the most important variables are time and height.

The length and width of the cart is also important because we need to know when he would land perfectly on the cart without the diver being completely cut off.

We next had to build the actual Ferris wheel to scale to have a sense of what this problem would actually look like.

OC Council Slow To Endorse Moving New Ferris Wheel Closer To Boards

We found out that the ferris wheel and the cart will meet at seconds because of what we know. The cart is traveling at 15 feet per second and the wheel would be roughly turning a one foot per second if we scaled it down.

This means that the radius we know that is 50 would be multiplied by the sine because we are trying to find out the missing side of the triangle. Then we multiply the sine of 50 because to find sine we know that the need opposite over hypotenuse to be able to to find the height then we would need to multiply by 9 degrees we know that it's nine degrees because since we know that the wheel completes a full rotation at 40 seconds40 times 9 equals Now that we would add it to the initial starting point that is 65 feet to be able to determine the vertical position of the diver at any given time.

The amplitude of the graph is 9 degrees per second because that is the amplitude that's the rate the wheel is turning. The period of this graph is 40 seconds because that is the full rotations of the wheel. The vertical shift of the diver is 65 because that was the initial starting point that the graph went up and down it all started at that point.

However since we want to find the time and we know the height we modified the equation so that it could simply tell us how long it took for the diver to land. We already know how to find the vertical position of the diver we just need the horizontal position meaning how much does the diver move along the x axis at any given time.

In order to find that we use the cosine instead of the sine because cosine gives you the length of the triangle horizontally. To find the max and mid point of the horizontal position of the diver is essentially how the diver moves along the x axis. Now that we figured most of pieces of the problem we need to take into consideration the position of the cart. We know that the cart travels 15 ft per second and we also know that is travels feet to reach the center of the ferris wheel.

It would be 15 t because the cart travels 15 at any second and t is time minus because you will find the coordinate at which the cart would be at during given time. We found out that we needed to find a number that will qualify the air time and the vertical and horizontal positioning so we had to plug one number in for every equation and see if it were to work or not. We then found out the the value would be in between The range that the diver can be release could be between When I was first introduced to this problem i was not sure how I felt about it because I heard that it was going to take 10 weeks to complete.

I think what really made me change my mind was when we were actually working in a group trying to solve with what we thought on the problem. I like how we had multiple parts to the problem it really made sense when we all pieced it all together.

Although I did think that we could've taken less than 10 weeks to solve the problem. I think that I deserve an -a because I think that I was pushed on my thinking.

However in the last weeks I did feel that i was lost trying to piece the problem together, the last steps essentially. I do think that I did do a good job on the dp work and getting id done although they could use some more time and refinement. Navigation Home. Recent site activity. Process: We have identified that the most important variables are time and height.

Assumptions: -The diver will have to be released seconds -The height of the diver will vary during time.The question the High Dive problem is asking is: After how many seconds should Andre jump so that he jumps into the pool? The basic things that we need to understand to solve the Unit problem: — Basic knowledge about trigonometry — How you can find angles and sides in triangles — Basic knowledge about physics and gravity — Graphs — Sine and Cosine and their relations to the unit problem.

That is also important because it is influential on the position of Andre on the wheel and also his x-position. We will add the falling time to the time on the wheel and then compare it to the time of the cart. That is later on to make sure that Andre and the cart are at the same point after the specific time. We will find that position if we take the wheel time to find out how long Andre stays on the wheel.

Now we add the wheel time and the falling time together to get the time it will take Andre to hit the pool. What we also need to find is the position of the cart. In the end we will come up with a formula that will describe and solve the whole problem. The Ferris Wheel can be seen like a circle. How do triangles relate to circles?

Imagine a triangle in a circle.

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If two sides of the triangle are the radius of the circle you can find the other side of the triangle and the three angles.

Cosine and sine help you with that because:. The Hypotenuse is always opposed to the right angle of the triangle. We take the sine of 9T because sine will give us always the height. The Ferris Wheel spins 9 degrees every second. T is standing for how long the wheel has been moving for H stands for the height.

That is what we want to find. As said before the Wheel is moving 9 degrees every second. But why is this? We know that the wheel makes one complete turn every 40 sec. A complete turn is degrees. That is how you get the 9 degrees per second.

X is the horizontal position.

Ferris Zero turn mower problem

And 9T is the angular speed. I explained that before. We use the cosine of 9T to find the horizontal position at any given time. T is the time Andre is falling. H height should be given. I divide the height by 16 and square root that to get the time.Almost any piece of outdoor power equipment is bound to run into occasional issues from time to time due to the rigors and the elements they are constantly exposed to over the course of their work time.

The positive side is that none of these issues are very serious and for the most part, they can all be fixed without having to visit an authorized service center.

Before you operate your mower or attempt to repair any of its parts, ensure that you have taken the time to go through all the safety guidelines. A mower is a potentially dangerous tool with a number of blades and moving parts that can inflict serious damage if not used appropriately — this is the case with almost any power tool.

Ferris mowers are known as one of the most reliable mowers on the market. Table below will help you to determine what tasks should be performed at what itervals. D Parking brake handle: This lever allows you to engage or dis engage the parking brake by either pulling it up or releasing it by pushing down the handle.

It recommended that you always run the engine at the highest throttle speed. I Choke: The choke is useful for cold starts when the temperature surrounding your location is too low for regular starting. K Fuel shut off valve: This valve allows you to control the flow of gasoline to the main power unit.

Now insert the key into the ignition and fully close the main choke by pulling out the knob completely. Turn the ignition key to crank the engine to a start and then slowly release the choke by pushing down the knob until it goes all the way in.

Ensure that you always operate the mower at the maximum throttle setting. Stopping the mower: Bring the mower back to ground speed and halt the unit by aligning the two levers to stop all movement.

Engage the parking brake and then lock it into position before turning the ignition key to the OFF setting. Pushing the mower by hand: Ensure that the PTO switch has been deactivated before you attempt to move the mower, turn off the ignition and wait for all moving parts to come to a stop.

Now proceed to raise the seat and disengage the hydraulic pumps to put the wheels in the free motion position — you can do this by rotating the release valve A in the counter-clockwise direction. Now you can disengage the parking brake and push the tractor by hand.

Once the unit has been relocated, reactivate the pumps by turning the valves back in the clockwise direction.

ferris wheel diver problem

Moving forward: Push both levers in the forward direction in order to gradually move forwards — it is recommended that you push the levers in a gradual manner and avoid jerky motions as these can cause the unit to lean dangerously or put undue stress on the engine, drastically shortening its lifespan.

Also ensure that you push both levers in the same direction evenly, taking care not to go too fast on uneven terrain. It may take a bit of practice to push both levers evenly and achieve true straight line travel so its recommended that you first practice this by operating the mower for a few hours on a dry patch of land.

Moving backwards: Just as with the forward motion instructions, gently pull back both the levers evenly in a gradual manner while attempting the reverse the mower — remember to practice extra caution while going backwards and move as slowly as you can afford to. Also ensure that you are looking backwards and down while moving reverse.

As with moving forward, it might take a bit of practice to achieve true movement in the reverse direction so try to get a few hours of driving on a empty area. Never sharply pull the levers back to reverse fast as this can be very dangerous. Steering normally: In order to steer the mower to your left or right side, hold the corresponding lever in place and push the opposite lever in the forward direction — away from you.

ferris wheel diver problem

So if you intend to move to steer left for instance, hold the left lever in place and gently push the right lever in the forward direction to execute a left turn. Mirroring this action with the opposite controls allows you to perform a normal turn towards the right side. Do not turn very steeply, especially on inclined surfaces.

Zero-turn steering: In order to execute a zero-degree turn, you will need to pull the lever corresponding towards the direction of intended steering towards you while pushing the opposite lever away from you — this will cause the wheels on either side of the unit to steer in opposite directions and allow you to execute a turn on a significantly smaller radius.

To perform a zero-turn to your right for instance, pull the right lever towards you while pushing the left lever away from you. Like any other well known companies mowers, Ferris mowers may experience a fault from time to time. Most of the faults can be avoided by proper maintenance. Ensure that you grease all major parts such as the front caster wheel axles, the deck lift pivots, the deck lift foot pedal, mower deck idler arm and the other pulleys within the deck.

Ensure that you also apply oil on the control handle pivots, floor plate hinge and the discharge chute hinge. All moving metal parts need to be well oiled in order to prevent corrosion.

Ferris Mowers Guide All Ferris Mowers, zero turn mowers, cutters and accessories for your home and commercial site including parts, troubleshooting and user manuals!The Big Wheel immediately changed the downtown landscape and was visible from much of Ocean City, Assateague and West Ocean City and drew visitors to the downtown area. As it stands now, the Big Wheel is visible from all over the resort area from afar, but when visitors get down to the south end of the Boardwalk, the view of the attraction is blocked by the height of the buildings in that area.

Doing so, however, will make the ride encroach 12 to 13 feet over the public right-of-way in that area of the Boardwalk.

To be clear, the Big Wheel would not rest on the Boardwalk, but the portion of the wheel furthest east would be about 13 feet into the right-of-way and about 50 feet in the air.

The code allows an encroachment on the Boardwalk in certain limited cases of four feet. Comparisons were drawn to the overhang on the pier building that appears to encroach over the Boardwalk. City Engineer Terry McGean said from an engineering perspective, the proposal to move the Big Wheel met some sections of the code, but not others.

Council Secretary Mary Knight raised concern about the potential precedent set by allowing the encroachment over the Boardwalk. Councilman Tony DeLuca said he believed that precedent has already been set.

He asked involved staff if they were recommending approving the request. I sense a reluctance from Terry to approve this. Does engineering and planning and zoning recommend this? For those reasons, I would recommend it. There was just a lot of confusion. Foot traffic typically jams up in the area of the pier building on peak summer nights, and with COVID concerns, many visitors were turning around when they hit that point.

Nothing brought people further down the Boardwalk. This would help with economic development downtown. Bruno said the top priority is bringing the Big Wheel back next year for another summer, or at least part of a summer. The graphic depicts the encroachment on the Boardwalk relocating the Big Wheel east would cause. Submitted Image. Knight said she had concerns the request was more about private business competition than economic development.

Council President Lloyd Martin said he wanted City Solicitor Heather Stansbury to review the request from a legal standpoint and Risk Manager Eric Lagstrom to also take a look at it from a liability standpoint. While the council did not outright dismiss the concept, they wanted more clarification on some issues. For that reason, Martin suggested bringing it back at a future work session.

Every business at every street end is going to want to put their sign over the right-of-way.To find the intersection I will hit 2nd and Trace on the graphing calculator.

The two functions used in this unit problem are. I realized that the graphing calculator had an option for calculating the. The CD will play a. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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ferris wheel diver problem

Search inside document. The Ferris wheel has a radius of 50ft, its center is 65ft off the ground, it has a con- stant speed and takes 40 seconds to make a complete turn moving counter clockwise.

Visualizing Sine Curves

The pool cart is ft left of the center of the Ferris wheel. The top of the pool is 8ft off the ground. In order to solve this problem, I need to find out the relations of cosine and sine to triangles and apply it to the Ferris wheel. I also need to find all the equations for finding the information I need. The math I will use would be trigonometry with sine and cosine, the Pythagorean Theorem, and simple addition and subtraction.

My plan for solv- ing this problem will be to first look at all the equations I have that are related to the problem. To find the intersection I will hit 2nd and Trace on the graphing calculator and then hit 5 intersect so that it shows me the intersections on the graph.

The number I get for the x-value will be the answer to the problem. After getting the answer, I will double-check with Ms.

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Farrell to make sure I got the right answer. Work: Diagram is at the end of the section. Multiplying the angular speed by the wheel time will give you the angle at where Andre is on the Ferris wheel, and then you find the sine of that angle in order to get the height of Andre at any point. Again you multiply the angular speed of the Ferris wheel by the wheel time to get the angle, but this time you have to use cosine in order to find the horizontal position because sine is only used for the vertical position.Forums New posts Search forums.

Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only.

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Online Events For Landscapers! Click here to learn more. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ferris Zero turn mower problem. Thread starter Pepler's Lawncare Start date Feb 4, Pepler's Lawncare LawnSite Member. Location Dover, New Hampshire.

I bought one two seasons ago and had to replace both hydro pumps and wheel motors with only hrs on machine. Now at the end of this mowing season mower is starting to have the same problem. Can anyone help me?

Location Columbus, OH. I have a IS and it will be two years old next month. I had about hours on it when it happened. Location yellow springs ohio. Ive had nothing but problems with it since day one Location CT. You are the 5th person I haver heard say this about Ferri hydro pumps. I'm guessing it is a design flaw or they got a bad batch of pumps. I'd scream long and loud to my dealer. Location Upstate NY. Our dealer said it's only been a problem on the 's, and yes it was a design issue in most cases.

Location Central Jersey. Not sure if this is relevant or not We had a hydro pump go on one of our scags. Brought it back to dealer had it fixed.

High Dive Unit Problem

Not weeks later we could tell the pump was starting to go again Took it back to the dealerFrom Old Dutch bit. Compare Middle High German biz (German bis). But she had to go in and talk to others. But he didn't come neither next fall, nor next spring. If you are familiar with the origin of this term, please add it to the page per etymology instructions.

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ferris wheel diver problem

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